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In the realm of Freebording, where excitement and fellowship converge, a community united by a common passion for carving the streets and hills thrives. Sam Trowbridge, a cherished member of the Freebord Pro Team 2011, epitomized the essence of adventure and love for the sport. Unfortunately, on April 20, 2011, the Freebord community faced an indelible tragedy as Sam experienced a fatal accident. This article serves as a tribute to his memory, commemorating the profound impact he made on the world of Freebording.

A Freebord Journey: Sam Trowbridge’s Adventure

Sam Trowbridge, a vibrant rider fueled by a passion for life and an insatiable appetite for adventure, set out on a Freebord odyssey that spanned continents. Along the way, he forged bonds with riders who evolved into his friends, family, and fellow enthusiasts.

The Unforgettable Day: April 20, 2011

On that fateful day, April 20, 2011, at around 4:25 p.m., tragedy struck as Sam was carving the streets of Auckland, California. Without the protective embrace of a helmet, Sam caught a heel edge, resulting in a devastating fall. He was immediately rushed to the hospital, where doctors fought tirelessly to save his life.

Despite their best efforts, the medical team pronounced Sam brain dead on the morning of April 21, 2011. Surrounded by his family, girlfriend, and friends, Sam peacefully passed away that afternoon. His tragic accident sent shockwaves through the Freebord community, leaving an emptiness that could never be filled.

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Sam’s Impact: More Than a Rider

Sam Trowbridge was not just a rider; he was an inspiration to many. His remarkable riding abilities, video editing skills, and unwavering love for Freebording were evident to all who knew him or encountered his work. He had the unique ability to touch people’s lives, even those he had never met in person.

Sam’s Legacy: In Videos and Memories

In remembrance of Sam’s vibrant spirit, we cherish the videos he created. These videos, with their captivating visuals and thrilling rides, inspired riders and encouraged them to pursue their Freebording passions. Sam’s work served as a testament to his dedication to the sport and his desire to share the exhilaration of Freebording with the world.

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Riding for Sam: Helmets as a Tribute

In memory of Sam Trowbridge, the Freebord community has made a profound commitment to safety. As a tribute to their fallen comrade, riders now wear helmets and protective gear without fail. This collective action is a poignant reminder that every ride should prioritize safety, and it honors Sam’s memory by ensuring that riders are well-protected on their journeys.

While Sam Trowbridge‘s physical presence may have left this world, his memory endures in the hearts and minds of the Freebord community. As we continue to carve through the streets and hills, we do so with Sam’s indomitable spirit as our guide.

His tragic accident serves as a stark reminder of the paramount importance of safety in extreme sports like Freebording. Let us honor Sam’s memory by always wearing helmets and protective gear, ensuring that every ride is both thrilling and safe.

In celebration of Sam Trowbridge‘s life and the inspiration he provided to countless riders, we continue to carve our paths, keeping his legacy alive in the sport he loved so dearly. Sam, you will forever ride with us. 🤙

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