Freebord 5X

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The Freebord 5X is the future of snowboarding the streets. Our team has engineered a truck system that carves and slides just like a snowboard. The new geometry gives riders a wider turning radius than the original design. If you ready to hold an edge these trucks are made for you.

For years beginners have struggled to master the technique of edge control. The Freebord 5X delivers a playful and forgiving ride with precise and predictable transfers. The new system makes going edge-to-edge simple and fun.


Package includes:(Everything you need to ride) Freebord 5X Trucks with Blue Springs (soft), Deck, S2 Bindings and a Set of wheels.

(while supplies last)


Delivery time: Boat is on the way, shipping in February!

Based on 11 reviews
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  1. Patrick Eglauer

    Best Freebord ever! more precise, more like Snowboarding

  2. Patrick Eglauer

    Best Freebord ever!

  3. Sonia Hutchison

    The 5x is super fun but super safe. I’ve been riding alpha trucks as I never got on with the G series trucks, but the 5x helps you out. I’ve had them correct me a few times when it would have been a fall on my old board. Personally I love the blue springs as they’re more playful. Never thought I’d stop riding alphas, but I’m hooked on the 5x now. Taken it to the Alps, Tenerife and around the UK and its awesome!

  4. Laurent Brondel

    A game changer for learning and deep carving!

  5. Johan

    Never thought that it can be so close to snowboarding. Easy to assemble.

  6. Mestre Quentin

    At the end, I totally loved it ! So close to snowboarding, go check my review on youtube !

  7. Johnny

    Well, it is the future of snowboarding the streets. we’ve been testing it for some years now. if you are looking for a snowboard feel all year, this is the product!

  8. Chark

    i try it after 10 years of freebord. really nice, looks like more snowboard sensations than other freeboard. Best to beginning (carving more smooth).But I’m used to old boards

  9. andreas

    Love the 5X – better durability than expected – rocker size is perfect – great carving feeling

  10. alexandre.pallastrelli

    Easier than the previous models for beginners to learn how to ride and gives new tricks perspectives to experienced riders, especially for butter tricks.

  11. Anthony Kaim

    The perfect upgrade to the freebord pannel, I’ve always had difficulty rediscovering my snowboarding sensations and feeling comfortable on the old models. On the 5X I had the impression of gaining 1 month of practice and I immediately found the sensations of my snowboard as well as the confidence I had on it. I think it’s the best model to start if you come from snowboarding

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