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Women have been an integral part of the freebord scene since its inception. In society’s beliefs, only men are perceived as risk-takers, resulting in women being underrepresented in extreme sports, including the freeboard community. This trend is mirrored in other sports, where the majority of surfers are men and fewer than one in seven skydivers are women.

Jessica Ryan: Pioneer and Icon in Freebord

In the world of freebord, one of the pioneers was Jessica Ryan, also known as Sica. She is a significant figure in the Freebord community, having been named Rider of the Year in 2005. Jessica contributed to the sport’s development for several years, showcasing her skills that could rival any group at the peak of her career. If you haven’t heard of her, Jessica Ryan was here.

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The Freebord Ladies shred!

Since then, the rise of female riders in the world of freebord has been gradual but steady. We must support and encourage this progression! Women are slowly carving out their space in this sport, pushing boundaries and inspiring new generations. Among them is Nana, one of the first to bring women together in freebord. She created and produced the Freebord Ladies, bringing riders from around the world together. Last april, they did their first Freebord Ladies Invit & today, they released their 2023 compilation.

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Other active members include Hedda Way, a regular presence at events, and a skilled rider. In 2023, Alice Carmo was nominated for Rookie of The Year, finishing 5th in the rankings, a remarkable achievement! Let’s not forget Fred, who represents female riders and continues to impress. In June 2023, she rode with us in front of 5,000 people!

We also have to mention Sonia Hutchinson has been a driving force behind freebord events in the UK over the past few years, dedicating her time and effort to promoting the sport. As one of the few women actively involved in organizing and running events, Sonia has played a crucial role in raising awareness and fostering a vibrant freebord community in the UK. Her passion for the sport and commitment to creating inclusive and exciting events have helped to inspire riders of all levels and backgrounds to get involved and push their boundaries on the board.

Keep Having Fun!

The essence of freebord is about having fun. Jessica Ryan shared some words of wisdom a few years ago: 

“Just have fun – don’t let anyone pressure you into speeds or runs that you’re not comfortable doing.” 

And also, 

“Just the fact that you’re on the board and trying puts you ahead of the majority of the prissy bitches, so be proud.” 

She concluded by saying, 

“And maybe don’t smoke a joint before dropping in.”

Join the Thrill!

In conclusion, whether you’re a man or a woman, freebord awaits you for an adventure without limits. Visit, choose your board, and join the global community that is constantly pushing the boundaries of riding.

See you soon on the roads and in the freeboard descents! πŸ€˜πŸ‚

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