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Poured in California, Freebord’s DaBlues wheels are the result of extensive R&D. Fueled by rider progression and tested by Freebord’s Pro Team, Da Blues are the highest performance wheel in our lineup. Their custom shape, custom urethane and 45mm contact patch provide maximum grip while still delivering a consistent and predictable slide. Freebord’s most durable wheel will elevate your riding no matter what style of rider you are. You will find these wheels under the feet of every Freebord Pro Team rider.

  • 78mm
  • 80a
  • 8mm core

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Based on 7 reviews
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  1. Sonia Hutchison

    I love these wheels. I always feel super safe on them, they last for ages but I can still get all the fun of sliding that makes Freebording so cool. They are my go to wheel for all situations. Love them!

  2. Laurent Brondel

    For me those wheels last nearly for ever, I don’t change them because they are done but because I want to change feeling under my feet after so long with the same. I usually go with a really soft one that I kill in 3 drops and go back on Dablues again

  3. Johnny

    Its a lot more complicated to make a Freebord wheel than “just” longboard wheel. it needs to slide, grip and be durable at the same time. and this is exacly what you get with the dablues!

  4. Chark

    Synonym of perfection : Dablues

  5. Jeff

    Legendary wheels that last super long without a flat !

  6. alexandre.pallastrelli

    The Most polyvalent and durable wheels for Freebord. GIve a lot of precision on your edge slides.
    If you had to chose one, it would be Da Blues for sure !

  7. Ben Mousley

    Superior Grip, Slide and Durability! Da Blues Slide like a Dream and Grip like a Gorilla! I’d take these wheels down any Hill on the Planet! If you luv Steep Drops and Superior Slide Control, Ride Da Blues!

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