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On the 8th of August we organized an event in Valence. Kurt invit happens since 10 years and it’s always a blast. We dropped crazy spots under the rain on Saturday and even found a new one thanks to Rems the “spot finder”. On Sunday we had a chill day on a beginner spot where we organized a speed contest to challenge the riders


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Our Dude for France


“Freebording means a lot to me, I started as a kid and I am now a young adult. It’s my passion. In 2011, I didn’t know how much this sport was about to change my life. I conquered my fears, learned to be in the wilderness, traveled, discovered cultures in different parts of the world, and I made extraordinary friends. Freebording is the sport I love the most, but it’s more than that, it’s a crazy community. You hang out with people from all parts of the world because they do the same thing as you do. It’s incredible.”

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