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The Rise Up Tour 2021 kicked off at Bristol’s Deane Lane skatepark where we were stoked to welcome Freeborders we’d never met before, some just starting this season and others have been riding longer than us. We hit a load of spots over the 3 days and pretty much everyone spilt some blood but it was totally worth it. It was a great vibe with BBQs everyday, check out the Freebord UK Riders group to catch events, trips and learn to rides over the summer.


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Our Dude for UK

Sonia & Ben

“Ben: “I have been riding since 2010 after a decade of snowboarding. The 1st time I saw a Freebord in action I knew that it was the ideal way for me to practice and ride all year.”


Sonia: “I was so inspired by meeting the incredibly inclusive Freebord Community that I determined to learn to ride and share the joy on beautiful hills all around the world .”

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