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Hey there, Freebord enthusiasts! Welcome back to the 3rd episode of 6Wheels, your go-to for all things Freebord. Let’s dial it back to the sizzling summer loaded with stoke and camaraderie. I had the pleasure of soaking in the vibes at some fantastic events, rubbing shoulders with our passionate Freebord community.

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Here’s a sneak peek of what’s revved up for this episode:

Epic Events:

You know the thrill of solo rides, but nothing beats shredding with your tribe. Events are the heartbeat of Freebording, and this summer was nothing short of epic. We’ll take you on a visual tour through the hottest events of the season. Big shoutout to Rems for hosting the Rems Invit, a gathering of 30 to 40 riders from across Europe. But hold tight because more events are on the horizon, and we’re taking things up a notch.

Crash & Burn:

Buckle up for the Best Crash Award! We’ve got 5 contenders, and your vote matters. Drop a comment under the youtube video, along with your reasons for the gnarliest wipeout. The champ walks away with a sweet treat from Freebord Europe.

Shout-outs and Spotlight:

Pierro has set Instagram ablaze with a viral shot that’s clocked over a million views. We’ll delve into the power of social media posting and its game-changing impact.

Nostalgic Throwbacks:

For the newcomers diving into this adventure, let’s revisit some iconic moments. We’re serving up banger clips from Freebord legend Mike Hoppe in his unforgettable Phrenetic videopart from back in the day.

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For the history buffs, we’re pointing you to Josh Cielos’ YouTube Channel “Freebord Faster.” He’s unearthed some gold from the past, including a jaw-dropping gap stunt by the legendary American rider Mike Hoppe that still leaves us in awe.

Gear and Tech Talk:

Get the scoop on exciting developments without diving too deep into the nitty-gritty. Expect enhanced aluminum mixes, castor upgrades, and refinements in trucks and bearings. They’re designed to make your Freebording experience even better.

Latest News:

Pro rider Loic Garel had an unforgettable experience visiting San Francisco last June to shred at the Braille house. Massive props to the Americans Bently Anderson and Evan Powell for their commitment.

In other news, brace yourselves! The Freebord Rider Awards are making a comeback. It’s time to unleash your sickest footage and prepare for an epic showdown. We’ll introduce the three categories that’ll have you on the edge of your seat:

  • Rookie Of The Year: Best rider with less than 3 years’ experience. Prepare a 2-minute raw video.
  • Best Short Content: Celebrating the best Freebord video creators. Prepare a 1-minute 9:16 edit showcasing your Freebord lifestyle in a creative way.
  • Rider Of The Year: Honoring the pro rider who displayed extraordinary skills, commitment, dedication, spirit, and determination. Prepare a best-of-the-year raw video. The highlight reel of each pro will be used to judge this category.

Best Community Event: The ambassador of the winning event will receive the prize. The community will cast their votes for their favorite event. You can vote here!


As we wrap up this episode of 6Wheels, I hope you’re as stoked as I am about the Freebord universe. Until next time, keep those wheels spinning, ride hard, live Freebord! πŸ‚πŸ€˜

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