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In the vibrant world of freeboarding, enthusiasts discover more than just a thrilling sport—they find a community that fosters creativity, camaraderie, and a pathway to professional success. For individuals like Seb Jam, Arnaud Blin, and Justin Oliver, their journey from freeboarders to career professionals illustrates the transformative power of passion and connection within the freeboard community.

Seb Jam, Pierro’s partner in crime

Seb Jam

Seb Jam, renowned for his captivating freeboard videos, has evolved into a prominent filmmaker, showcasing his talents on the global stage.

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Collaborating with Freebord Suisse and Pierro Linckenheld, Seb’s videography skills flourished, culminating in his latest masterpiece, “Jadis.” This award-winning film delves into the rich history of the Pyrenees, blending past and present in a mesmerizing exploration of skiing and mountaineering.

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Arnaud Blin, the CHoE legend

Arnaud Blin

Arnaud Blin, a trailblazing figure in the early days of freeboarding, transitioned his passion for filming into a thriving career in FPV drone piloting. As the former leader of the CHoE (Crazy Hills of Europe) team, Arnaud honed his videography skills, eventually specializing in drone technology.

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Today, he collaborates with renowned outdoor brands and has even ventured into capturing Olympic events, demonstrating the diverse opportunities available within the industry. Recently, you might see him with Michael Bimboes, a famous you’re and skier from France.

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Justin Oliver, The freeboard steeze king

Justin Oliver

Justin Oliver’s journey from pro rider to marketing strategist exemplifies the myriad career paths that emerge from the freeboard community. After leaving his mark as a professional rider in the United States, Justin transitioned into a pivotal role in freebord marketing.

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Drawing on his years of experience and passion for the sport, he forged a successful career in marketing and entrepreneurship, inspiring others with his innovative approach and business acumen.


These stories underscore the profound impact of the freebord lifestyle, community, and ethos of pushing boundaries. Beyond the thrill of riding, freeborders discover a network of like-minded individuals who encourage exploration, creativity, and personal growth. Whether through filmmaking, drone piloting, or marketing, the skills and connections forged in the freebord community empower individuals to turn their passion into a fulfilling career.

As freeborders continue to push the limits and explore new horizons, their stories serve as a testament to the transformative power of pursuing one’s passions and embracing the supportive community that surrounds them. Get your board and join the adventure!

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