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Shaping the Landscape

In the vibrant tapestry of Freebording history, Roberto Lopez emerges as a pivotal figure who played a defining role in shaping the sport.

Born out of the hills of San Francisco, Freebord was initially synonymous with thrilling downhill descents. However, Roberto saw beyond the slopes, envisioning a fusion of Freeboarding and skatepark creativity.

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2009 – “The Backflip”

“The Backflip” by Roberto Lopez is a captivating freebord video that chronicles his journey to conquer the ultimate freestyle trick: the backflip. From stylish slides to precise spins, Roberto showcases the full range of his abilities, and redefined what’s possible on a freebord.

“The Backflip” is sure to captivate audiences and leave them inspired to push their own boundaries on the freebord.

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2010 – “How to Kill the Monkey”

In 2010 Roberto Lopez unleashed a game-changing video titled “How to Kill the Monkey.” This masterpiece wasn’t just a collection of tricks; it was a manifesto of progression and innovation. Venturing where few had dared, Roberto showcased world-first tricks in a skatepark, proving that Freebords could conquer ramps, rails, and transitions with finesse.

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Roberto’s fearless approach shattered the boundaries that confined Freebording to downhill terrains. His foray into skateparks opened up a new dimension for the sport, inspiring riders to explore the untapped potential of their Freebords. The video became a beacon of creativity, inviting Freeboarders to embrace freestyle elements and think beyond the conventional.

Legacy and Inspiration

As a rider matures, so does their role in the community. For the Freebord Rider Awards 2023, Roberto Lopez transitioned seamlessly from a groundbreaking rider to a distinguished judge within the Freebord community. His judging acumen reflects not only technical expertise but also a deep understanding of the evolving landscape of Freebording. Roberto’s assessments set the standard for recognizing riders who embody both progression and style.

Roberto Lopez’s legacy reverberates in every carve, jump, and trick executed on a Freebord. His story is a testament to the transformative power of passion and innovation. For those yet to explore the roots of Freebord evolution, “How to Kill the Monkey” stands as a timeless journey into the visionary spirit that reshaped the landscape of Freeboarding.

In every Freeboarder who pushes boundaries and embraces creativity, Roberto’s spirit lives on, an eternal source of inspiration for a community constantly evolving and redefining what’s possible on a Freebord.

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