Every Member of the Freebord Europe Team is a dedicated Rider of the Sport. Most of them have been riding and traveling together for more than 10 years. Some of the members have also been selling Freebords in the past. Others are, or were Professional Riders of the Sport at some point in their Freebord career. Finally they got together to create a real European Company to ensure the survival of the Sport and the Community in Europe.

Pierro Lickenheld

from Switzerland

"I am a French Dude born in Strasbourg, France in 1986 and live in Switzerland since 2008! That is also the year I started Freebording after randomly watching a video of Mike Hoppe on the Internet. Just a couple of days later, i bought my first Freebord. And today, more than 11 years later, i can say it changed my life (in a really good way!)

I think i already tried freebording in almost all conditions . It doesn't matter for me how the weather is. The quest is to Snowboard The Streets all year long. And that’s what i do.
What I really love about this sport is the the super feeling of super smooth sliding on the asphalt. I feel like on a Snowboard when i practice it.

It is more than a Sport, it is a good reason to travel and to discover and drop the best hills, it is family, it is a way of life!"

Andreas H. & Thomas Melle

from Germany

Thomas: "Freebord, what an experience! I am Freebording since 2009. At this time i was looking for a summer snowboard and luckily found Freebord and Andreas. Since then we are tripping all around Europe to meet other Freeborders. The community we found is amazing and this is the reason I am still riding and why I am still involved with Freebord."

Andreas: "I discovered the Freebord in a small clip on German TV and after the next snowboard season it came back to my mind and so i ordered my first Freebord in 2009. My life changed a lot trough freebording: it made me appreciate the outside much more and also motivated me to travel because our riding possibilities are not ideal for freebording. The most positive effect I got from stepping into the wild freebord community is getting to know a lot of beautiful people with different backgrounds, but mostly with the same goal: having tons of fun while riding downhill and enjoying the nature.

Quentin Streum

from France

"I have been riding since 2010! We were a crew of 13 years old kids hanging out in the streets. One day, my friend showed us a Freebord, we were all excited about trying this new thing. It took me 1 year to be very fond of this board. The beginning was hard, I never snowboarded so I didn’t know how to use it. In 2011, I started riding this board very often with my friends! The other kids of my city got one as well and we were now 5 kids to ride around. It was sick!.

I like riding in every condition! When it’s hot during summer you can get fresher air while going fast, I like this feeling. Nevertheless, I like riding in the rain or even the snow. Remember: THERE’S NO EXCUSE TO NOT GO RIDE (except if you have a broken bone).

Freebording means a lot to me, I started as a kid and I am now a young adult. It’s my passion. In 2011, I didn’t know how much this sport was about to change my life. I conquered my fears, learned to be in the wilderness, traveled, discovered cultures in different parts of the world, and I made extraordinary friends. Freebording is the sport I love the most, but it’s more than that, it’s a crazy community. You hang out with people from all parts of the world because they do the same thing as you do. It’s incredible."

Laurent Brondel

from France

"I discovered Freebord on a youtube video from Arnaud Blin and Jonathan Ehm in 2008, one week after I ordered my first board. This sport and community brought me to so many places, and made me meet so many awesome people, it really changed my life. From Pro team rider in 2011 to Freebord retailer for France in 2018 I’ve always feel the need to push this sport further and make everyone know about it. Sliding down a hill with friends is one of the best feelings in life!"

Jonay Grosso

from Tenerife, Spain

"I´ve been riding 9 or 8 years, and since then my life has changed. I live in Tenerife and love riding in sunny and warm conditions, rainy days and basically any condition is good as long as I have Papa Teide (big mountain on Tenerife) behind me. Freebord has been my connection to traveling, meeting many friends, learning new languages and collection nice memories."

Dino Elliot

from Greece

"I have been riding for almost 5 years now. All conditions are ideal when shared with new riders. Freebording to me is escaping from daily routine and problems that may occur along the way."

Johnny Schmidt

from Germany

"I started freebording in 2008. Since then I have been riding all over Europe in any condition from sunny to snowy and loved it all. Being on a Road Trip with the community, filming and editing are my passions regarding the Freebord life. I did sell Freebords for a while as well and been working with Freebord here and there on smaller projects. Freebording used to be an escape from my "real" life for a while... until I realized Freebording is my real live."

Ben Mousley & Sonia Hutchison

from United Kingdom

Ben: "I have been riding since 2010 after a decade of snowboarding. The 1st time I saw a Freebord in action I knew that it was the ideal way for me to practice and ride all year.

I like it steep like a wall, a 40% gradient is an invite to an incredible experience! Mellow wet riding conditions are also super fun for learning to drift smoothly for days."

Sonia: "I was so inspired by meeting the incredibly inclusive Freebord Community that I determined to learn to ride and share the joy on beautiful hills all around the world 😀

I like chilled panoramic runs for miles and miles, winding down the mountain and through the scenic forests and landscapes we enjoy. We love the adventures of both urban shredding and remote mountain top descents from 2000m or more."

"Freebording is Freedom. Freebording is sharing smiles and joy in beautiful places with inspiring people, those who come to join us in open spirit, heart and mind. Freebording is the most inclusive community we have ever known, everyone who wants to come and play and learn and experience is welcome. There is no competitiveness in Freebording, only a desire to share the happiness and success of making new moves, learning skills and simply sharing the love of the Freebord experience."

Ross Lanin & Aya Lanin

from Ukraine

"Our Ukraine Freebord team is riding since 2014. We are located in Kiev which is a Freebord dream with enormous variety of downhill spots.
Russ: I am riding regular and enjoy riding downhill the most. For me Freebord is freedom in every move."