Every Member (except one) of the Freebord Europe Team is a dedicated Rider and community member of the Sport.

Most of us have been riding and traveling together for more than 10 years. Some of the members have also been selling Freebords in the past. Others are, or were Professional Riders at some point in their Freebord career. Finally they got together to create a real European Company to ensure the survival of the Sport and Community in Europe. We do what we can to provide support worldwide as much as possible.



CEO, Founder

John Pierre Schmidt

Strategy, Team, Accounting, Controlling, Logistics, Legal, Production, Graphic Design, Website, e-commerce, Clothing, Social Media

CEO, Founder

Laurent Brondel

Strategy, Team, Accounting, Controlling

CEO, Founder

Johan Tette

Strategy, Accounting, Logistics, Legal

Founding Partner

Quentin Streum

Tour, FRAs, Teamrider, Influencer

Founding Partner

Thomas Melle

Warehouse, Customer Support, Shipping

Founding Partner

Pierro Lickenheld

Slopestyle, Teamrider, Influencer

Founding Partner

Andreas Hermanns

Social Media correspondent

Founding Partners

Ben Mousley & Sonia Hutchison

UK Management, IT Support


Patrice Ducharme

Production & Development

Learning & Training

Adrian Mainand

Trainings, Learn2Ride, Summer Camp

Video Production

Jean-Fran├žois Heitz

Video Production

Video Production

Pallastrelli Alexandre

Video Production, YouTube

Community Partner

Jonay Grosso

Tenerife, Teamrider

Community Partner

Dino Elliot


Community Partner

Lutz von Pain


Community Partner

Ross & Aya