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TOUR 2022


After the success of our Freebord Europe Rise Up Tour in 2021 we are getting hyped for our Snowboard the Streets Tour in 2022. With even more events, locations and competitions it’s going to be an awesome season. We’ve got 24 events in 10 different countries, so whether you’re a total noob and want to learn to ride or you’re a pro looking for the steepest craziest spot – there’s something for everyone in this tour. We’ll have the new 5 and 5X Freebord’s available if you want to try before you buy. What are you waiting for? Book your STS events now!


As you know we are still waiting for the boards. Until then we are barely surviving as a company, still working for free. Still we want to do as much as we can for you to have a memory of this tour. So all we can offer this year is the tour it self and this Shirt. All non profit.

Order now and get it shipped to your house.



Tenerife, Canary Islands

Do not hesitate! This event has everything. We will tour the entire island and drop the best spots incl. beginner spots. High in the mountains and close to the beach. We could go to Gran Canaria on a one our boat ride and stay for one or two days, if you like. We'll have contest and barbecues. Better sign up early!
4 - 10th of April
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Luzern, Switzerland

This is the first year the tour has been in Lucerne! The town is a real ski resort, the slopes are well paved and we can go up the spots by bus. You can expect a big ride all together and some chill with the crew. Don't worry, the spots are accessible for all levels! see you there !
16 - 17th of April
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Galicia, Spain

We will meet at an easy spot in an industrial area without traffic. Beginners have the chance to try different types of Freebords, including the new Freebord 5 and Freebord 5X. Material to buy will also be available. We will have lunch at the Casa Da Roxa Hotel. You can bring your own food or eat in the restaurant. Depending on what the people like, we can go back to the beginner spot or go to more advanced spots. Everything is close together so we dont drive far. If you like to sleep at Hotel Casa Da Roxa, there will be special prices for Riders. You can also bring some camping gear or a camping van and sleep in the garden for free. At night we will prepare some wine, beer and some seafood from the area.
Learn2Ride, Ride
30th of April- 1st of May
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Bristol, UK

We're heading to Deane Lane Skate Park in Bristol on Saturday with the new 5 and 5X for a Learn to Ride day. We'll be there with spare armour, BBQ and a slalom competition with some prizes for the best improved riders of the day. On Sunday we'll be hitting some other local downhill spots to shake the cobwebs off for the season.
Learn2Ride, Contest (Slalom)
7 - 8th of May
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Wales, UK

The UK might not be the Alps, but North Wales has some epic spots we'll be wild camping and exploring some of the best spots. For those who like to bomb we'll be having a King of the Hill comp to see who really is the fastest.
Ride, Contest (King of the Hill)
14 - 15th of May
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Bath, UK

Starting off slow on Saturday we'll be having a learn to ride and BBQ at Sydney Gardens on Saturday with a super chill, fun, limbo competition. Sunday we're gonna get all day bus passes and try to hit every big hill in Bath.
Ride, Contest (Limbo)
21 - 22th of May
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Sheffield, UK

Sheffield is made for Snowboarding the streets, super smooth tarmac on almost every hill. We're going to get the tour from Sheffield local and OG, Paul Smart. We'll also be heading into the Peak district to mix up the urban and countryside vibes. With such great hills we'll be checking out your steeze in the style wars competition, so get your moves out for this one.
Ride, Contest (Style Wars)
28 - 30th of May
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Paris, France

For the second consecutive year, we have concocted a whole course for you with different modules on St Cucufa’s descent! Prepare your best tricks to win stuff As always, everyone is welcome, no matter your level. Don't hesitate to invite beginners and your non-rider friends. Plan what to drink, eat and let's go! All event information will be shared on this official Facebook page. If you have any questions regarding the different sessions, do not hesitate to contact us!
Slopestyle, Contest (Game of Bord, Gifts for tricks, Style Wars)
5th of June
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Bingen, Germany

Bingen is a flagship event for the German community. Last year was a great success, experienced riders, new rookies. The event is accessible for all levels, so don't hesitate for a second to join us!
Ride, Learn2Ride, Contest (Game of Bord, Style Wars)
18-19th of June
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Chiemgau, Germany

Nice Spots, awesome views on the Alps, Simssee and Chiemsee. Friday evening till Saturday afternoon we will drop the surrounding spots and have a contest. After that we continue dropping in the region around Samerberg. There will be a surprise!!!! We will have spots for all the levels, beginner to pro, also test Boards are available. Please bring food, additional Drinks and a good mood.
25 -26th of June
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Damüls, Austria

2 -3rd of July
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Lausanne, Switzerland

Ride, Slopestyle, Contest (Game of Bord, Race)
9 -10th of July
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REMS INVITE - Rhône-Alpes, France

Rems invitational, one of the top event since 2008. This year, Rems takes you to ride in the mountains of Savoie again, and discover its magnificent spots at the crossroads of the Jura, Chartreuses, Bauges and Belledonne mountains. Suitable for all levels!!! There will always be a spot to learn and progress in safety. That said... No one is really ready for that. The other will tell you: Totone:-"Exceptional!! " Johnny: -"the morning drop was pretty crazy" Guilhem:-"the bearing just exploded in my wheel" Patrice:-"Some parts are better in your pants!" Quentin:-"If you break you're dead. " Johnny again:-"Rems always tries to kill everyone" Rems: "- You can survive!" Kill This Hill Or Die Trying - CHoE PS: there are also normal spots!
Ride, Contest (King Of The Hill, Style Wars, Slalom)
14 -17th of July
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KURT INVITE - Valence, France

We welcome you in Valence for the Kurt’s 4th invite! On the program: good little and big spot, lots of fun, and two contests - style wars and slalom. We hope to see many of you coming to discover the Dromoise region, all levels welcome!!
Ride, Contest (Slalom, Style Wars)
23 -24th of July
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ORANGE TRIP - D'Arette to Quérigut, Pyrenees

Road trip from West to East through the Pyrenees, from Arette (64) to Quérigut (09). Participants will have to travel with their vehicle from one spot to another (we encourage riders to organize carpooling), and be self-sufficient in gas, food, drinks and camping equipment. We have spotted some potential supply points (supermarkets) and wild camping spots (bivouac) on the road and will share them in due course. On the menu: more than 20 different spots on open roads, representing nearly 180 km of Down Hill. This event is mainly aimed at experienced riders, although an initiation session is scheduled for Sunday at the Puigmal resort (66). More details on the course in the Discussion; If you're just curious to meet us on the road, show up here!
Ride, Roadtrip
03 -7th of August
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ARNAUDS INVITE - Southern Alps, France

What can I say... Arno's Invit has been a legendary freeboard event for years. The Southern Alps are full of must-see spots such as the Col d'Izoard, the Col de la Bonette, the Col Agnel... Arnaud De Bluze, former pro rider, will welcome you and help you discover his incredible spots! Don't miss it!
Ride, Roadtrip
27 -31th of August
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Strakonice, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic marks its big comeback in the European freeboard community. After the success of the Rise Up Tour, it was important to offer dates in new countries. The Czech Republic having had a large community in the past, it was obvious to propose a date to wake up their team. If you're from the area, or if you want to join the Czech community for a weekend, don't hesitate!
3 - 4th of September
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Mt Olympus, Greece

The Greek event is obviously a must in the Tour of Europe. And if you were going to ride Mount Olympus? It's legendary, isn't it? The event is held by the Greek freeborders, who for the occasion have reserved a lodge at the top of the mountain. Expect beautiful spots, a golden community and a warm welcome.
Ride, Slopestyle, Contest (Style Wars)
2 - 6th of September
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Rzeczka, Poland

The Poles proposed to welcome you for a weekend in Rzeczka! This is a great first on the tour. The event is made for all levels, expect family riding and learn to ride. Don't miss it!
Ride, Learn2Ride
16 - 18th of September
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Bordeaux, France

This year, Yuji welcomes you to Bordeaux, on his land for a weekend ride. On the program, small contests, sessions in the vineyards, in one of the prettiest towns in France. The Bordeaux specialty? Wine. If this convinces you 😉
Ride, Learn2Ride
24 - 25th of September
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Côte d'Azur, France

Toulon is a high class destination for freeborders. Beaches, sun, steep and intense spots. Morgan, will offer you to stay in a small camp a few kilometers from the spots, and will make you discover the most breathtaking views of the south of France. On the program, family rides, accessible for all levels: - initiation spot in the car park -spot of the chapel with reassembled on foot - second spot on the small road on the left with the possibility of going back to the checkout - large chill spot on the Corniche. That's 4 spots next to each other of all levels without getting bored to do miles.
8 - 9th of October
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Kiev, Ukraine

We believe in the future of Freebording in the Ukrain with our Partners Ross and Aya! Much love and much strength!
When the time is right

YES, THE WORLD IS A CRAZY PLACE, but it always has been! Stop victimizing yourself with external excuses and take responsibility for your own happiness. Things will happen without you feeling bad about it. So get in the van and join the tour!

Johnny SchmidtCEO Freebord Europe