FB 5X Springs – Soft

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Dig deeper into carving with the SOFT SPRING UPGRADE for your Freebord 5X.

Change the behavior of your Freebord 5X by upgrading with Freebord Springs.


  1. Hard (Red) springs are ideal for the heaviest riders out there or those looking for a more responsive ride.
  2. Soft (Blue) springs are better suited for smaller, lighter riders or those looking for more carving and jibing action.
  3. Medium (Black) springs and are closer to the Hard Springs rather than the soft.

The Springs really change the feel of your ride. While the soft springs bring you a very soft-powdery sensation, the harder springs remind on the feeling of the traditional Freebord.



  •  4 x Springs

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  1. Laurent Brondel

    Definitely allow more deep carving and butter possibilities. Bring a lot of changes to the board behavior, once you get use to it it’s just awesome !

  2. Ben Mousley

    The Soft Springs are a ‘Must Have’ for lighter Riders and those wanting a Deep Carve! Soft & Cruisy enough to just Ride All Day, Any Way You Like!

  3. Anthony Kaim

    If you want to discover the power of the 5X this is the one that you need to try on your new board ! It feel like you got snow under your board !

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