Brass Monkey

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Freebord Brass Monkey Edge Wheels 72mm | 80a. Poured in California with the freestyle rider in mind, Freebord’s brass monkey wheel offers you the same quality, durable urethane as the Da Blues but in a smaller size. Their increased rocker when paired with 72mm center wheels gives you the clearance you need to hit the park.

  • 72mm
  • 80a
  • 10mm core

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Based on 5 reviews
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  1. Johnny

    a classic standard wheel. almost the a cheaper version of the dablues

  2. Chark

    Production of dablues was finished. This wheels was better substitution for me.

  3. Jeff

    Great feeling of slide !

  4. alexandre.pallastrelli

    Smaller diameter, lighter, but bigger rocker so it’s perfect to jump higher or if you need precision on your grinds.
    Perfect wheels for freestyle !

  5. Corentin

    smaller than the dablues so more rocker and great feeling

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