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Bingen am Rhein was unbelievable! Thanks to everyone who made it!
We met in the beautiful BINGEN am Rhein area for 2 days of freebording, camping and epic monkey business! Beginners and riders who have never met another rider before, came to the event. Representing all ages: from 13 until 51 years old!

It reminded us of the good old PFINGSTEN days at the Freebord ranch and so we called it…BINGSTEN!!!

Big Thanks to the @gcity_crewser : they had the most perfect camping spot in the woods , even with a real outhouse toilet and a mobile tiki bar on every spot! Pure luxury!


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Our Dudes for Germany

Andreas & Thomas

Thomas: “Freebord, what an experience! I am Freebording since 2009. At this time i was looking for a summer snowboard and luckily found Freebord and Andreas. Since then we are tripping all around Europe to meet other Freeborders. The community we found is amazing and this is the reason I am still riding and why I am still involved with Freebord.”

Andreas: “I discovered the Freebord in a small clip on German TV and after the next snowboard season it came back to my mind and so i ordered my first Freebord in 2009. My life changed a lot trough freebording: it made me appreciate the outside much more and also motivated me to travel because our riding possibilities are not ideal for freebording. The most positive effect I got from stepping into the wild freebord community is getting to know a lot of beautiful people with different backgrounds, but mostly with the same goal: having tons of fun while riding downhill and enjoying the nature.

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