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The Freebord Rider Awards 2023 is right around the corner, and we’re thrilled to introduce the phenomenal lineup of Freebord Rookie nominees. These five riders have not only captured our attention but have also shown extraordinary skills and unique styles all year long.

Let’s dive into the outstanding achievements of each nominee:

Sophian Ben

Sophian is already a great freebord rider. He has a clear identity, made of fast riding, precise touch, and solid spins. He is a complete rider from France, and we’re happy to give him this nomination for the Rookie Award.

Alice Carmo

Girls are here too. Alice has a strong submission. She’s fast, and already have her style. Her ride is smooth & visually appealing, showcasing a distinctive approach. We hope, she’ll keep up the fantastic work!

Sacha Grover

What to say? You might know Sacha from his outstanding youtube channel in which he’s talking about freebord topics. Sacha demonstrated in his submission that a Freebord can conquer any terrain. His freestyle riding is already very solid. That’s well deserved!

Aristotelis Zoidis (Aris)

The flying greek made it again! That dude is strong and fast. Our jury got impressed by his bombing mode. Congratulation for making it to the Top 5 nominees.

Julien Moulet

Julien is a sender, and the team of jury liked that. He’s fearless approach embodies the true spirit of Freebording. Congrats for being part of the Rookie nominees!

These Freebord Rookie nominees represent the future of Freebording, and we can’t wait to see how their journeys unfold. Stay tuned for the Freebord Rider Awards 2023 to witness the celebration of their outstanding contributions to the Freebord community.

Ride on and stay stoked!

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