The latest in Skateboard Technology

The sensation of snowboarding with the convenience of a skateboard

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Independent, spring-loaded hangar arms for maximum edge control
Interchangeable springs give you the deepest carve and the most butter feel ever!
Two-piece design reduces weight and gives you more durability
Stronger castors made from T6 cast aluminum lets you go bigger even longer.

23 Years In The Making

Introducing the newly patented Freebord 5-X.

The first design of it’s kind featuring independent hanger arms that allow for a smooth transfers, less vibrations and deeper carve than ever before.  Learning to ride is easier. Tricks previously thought impossible are now within your reach.

Wide turning radius

Smooth transfers

Less vibrations

New tricks

Your invention is every snowboarders dream!

Fabian Guilhem

You finally made it. Nothing comes closer to Snowboarding than this!

Oliver Müller

Since I freebord my legs are strong all year and I became a better snowboarder.

Iván Bareira

My kids love snowboarding, but we are far away from the Resorts. Now they are having so much riding around the neighborhood. Thank you!

Scott Maigret

23 Years In The Making

Since 1998, we have always stayed true to the progression of our board. We don’t make false claims about being the absolute best snowboard simulator. These are simply facts that have been proven year-after-year by a worldwide rider base of avid snowboarders.

We have customers who report back saying that they rode black diamonds on their first day of snowboarding. There are countless others who are simply happy to keep their snow legs fresh all year long. Whether you’re getting ready for the next season or just trying to keep the momentum going, picking up a Freebord is the way to go.