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Still looking at Spring

As we can hear in the latest update from Bob regarding shipping, the Cascade Wheels (reason we were waiting) are finally done and assembled to the boards. These are great news!
So everything is ready to ship, right? Unfortunately not. As you know the first Freebords arrived in Europe. We tested them intensively and can say they are really amazing and work as promised.

Additionally we addressed 2 improvements directly to Freebord MFG:

1. The screws to mount the 5X Truck should be shorter.
2. The castor bolt can slowly loosen when riding really hard and you would need to tighten them.

Freebord MFG decided to implement these improvements directly to your boards before shipping. Why? Because it is an easy fix and every rider directly receives an improved Freebord.

So, what has changed in terms of timeline? All rest of the boards will be put on a boat right after Chinese New Year in February. We are already getting quotes for shipping and still expect them to arrive in Europe in Spring.

You can watch further explanation from Freebord MFG right here!


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