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Get ready Freebord enthusiasts, because an exhilarating ride of epic proportions awaits! A group of the best European riders, including Pro Rider Adrien Mainand, Jordi Puig, Jonay Grosso, and a crew of top-notch talent, recently embarked on a heart-pounding downhill adventure at the famous “Mauricio Mello” spot in Tenerife. The result? A ride that will leave you breathless and eager to witness the madness.

High-Speed Descents, Fresh Pavement, and Pure Mayhem

The video captures the essence of Freebording at its finest. Freshly paved roads provided the perfect playground for these skilled riders, and the action unfolds in a spectacular manner. With a big crew of Freeborders, the ride turns into pure mayhem as they navigate steep descents with breakneck speeds and unmatched precision.

Leading the charge are the legendary riders who define what it means to be a Pro. Adrien Mainand, with his years of experience and unmatched skills, shows us what it means to be a Freebord legend. His precision and style are on full display as he charges down the hills.

Jordi Puig, known for his incredible riding and undeniable passion for the sport, brings his unique style to the mix. His steeze and creativity are jaw-dropping, and his performance is nothing short of legendary.

Jonay Grosso, a native of Tenerife, showcases the local talent and love for Freebording on the island. His intimate knowledge of the terrain adds an extra layer of excitement to the ride, and his skills are on full display as he conquers the challenging hills.

An Impressive Lineup of Skilled Riders

The excitement doesn’t end with the Pro riders. This video also features a crew of highly skilled riders, including Fabien Bien, Manta, Grimo, and more. Their fearless riding and technical prowess make this downhill adventure an unforgettable experience.

Video Editing: Capturing the Rush

The magic of this video doesn’t just lie in the riders’ skills but also in the hands of Johnny Schmidt, the talented editor behind the scenes. His editing style perfectly encapsulates the thrill of the descent from top to bottom (like most of his edits), making you feel like you’re right there with the riders. Also he doesn’t just cut the video, but also the music to fit the needs of the riding. This video showcases a unique blend of beauty and rush, highlighting the deceptive speed of the “Mauricio Mello” spot. Johnny’s creative editing work elevates the entire video, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Get Ready to Witness the Madness!

The “Mauricio Mello” spot in Tenerife has a reputation for delivering heart-pounding downhill rides, and this video captures that spirit perfectly. The breathtaking scenery, the camaraderie among riders, and the unparalleled skills on display all come together to create an unforgettable Freebord experience.

If you’re looking for inspiration, adrenaline, and a reason to hit the streets with your Freebord, this video is a must-watch. It’s a testament to the passion, camaraderie, and thrill that Freebord Europe embodies.

Don’t wait; the mayhem is just a click away. Head over to the Freebord Europe store and get ready to witness the madness on the streets of Tenerife. This ride will leave you craving your own adventure and eager to join the world of Freebording.

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Ride on, Freebord enthusiasts! 🏂🔥

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