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As the Freebord Rider Awards 2023 reach its pinnacle, Let’s celebrate Excellence: The Freebord Rider of the Year 2023 Nominees. It’s time to shine a spotlight on the top three nominees for the prestigious Rider of the Year. Amongst the stellar lineup of our Freebord Pro Team, these riders have demonstrated exceptional skills, innovation, and a profound impact on the Freebord community.

Meet the Nominees:

Loic Garel

Loic Garel, a name synonymous with daring tricks and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on a Freebord. This season, Loic showed jaw-dropping performances in skateparks. His ability to land insane tricks showcases not only his skills but also his commitment to evolving the sport.

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Adrien Mainand

Adrien Mainand, the force behind the Freebord School in AnzΓ¨re, has been a powerhouse this season. His fearless approach and undeniable riding skills have garnered attention, not just locally but on a global scale. Adrien’s dedication to promoting Freebording is evident in every ride and every session he leads.

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Quentin Streum

Quentin Streum, a name that resonates with complete riding, crazy freestyle tricks, and unwavering dedication to the Freebord community. Quentin’s riding style is a testament to his creativity, and his impact extends beyond the board, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible both on and off the hill.

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Jury’s Decision:

As we celebrate the achievements of these remarkable riders, we eagerly anticipate the continued growth and innovation within the Freebord community. The passion and commitment of Loic Garel, Adrien Mainand, and Quentin Streum serve as an inspiration to riders worldwide, encouraging us all to push our limits and embrace the spirit of Freebording.

To Jordi Puig, Jonay Grosso, Pierro Linckenheld, Loic Garel, Quentin Streum, and Adrien Mainand, we extend our deepest gratitude for your unwavering dedication and unparalleled riding skills. Your presence on the Freebord Pro Team has not only elevated the sport but has also inspired riders around the globe.

The jury faced the daunting task of selecting three riders for the video submission, and we commend each of you for your exceptional efforts. Your videos captured the true essence of Freebording, highlighting the skill, creativity, and passion that define our community.

Stay tuned!

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